History of Clearwater
Part Nine
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As the Tides of War Sweep the World

Soldiers, sailors, airmen and their companions enjoyed gala dances such as this Grand march at the Clearwater Auditorium.

A Sense of Purpose

The Clearwater Chamber of Commerce carried out its own marketing campaign, mailing more than 75,000 fliers in 1939 alone to potential visitors, extolling the virtues not only of visiting Clearwater but of living here year-round.

The city’s beaches and calm skies attracted tourists and sportsmen from around the world. Apartments could be rented for the entire winter season for $250 to $375.

In an open letter to “Our Northern Friends,” a local newspaper writer stated:

“No, Clearwater hasn’t changed much. And there are some of us who recognize heaven-on-earth when we see it and live in it; and we hope the bigger it grows the less in essentials it will change.”

During this time, social and community projects flourished. There were weekly meetings of the Anglers Club and huge fish fries of the daily catch for 300 or more people.

British bowlers visited and lost to Clearwater’s Lawn Bowling League, while golfers enjoyed the adventures of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel’s 18 holes. The Clearwater Yacht Club had more than 30 active members and won major regional regattas.

At the time, Clearwater had 18 churches with a combined membership of 4,600 parishioners.

The city acquired a sense of purpose in sending assistance to a world far away and far less fortunate. Red Cross sewing meetings were held in Safety Harbor for Polish refugees and other victims of the war in Europe. The Clearwater Lions Club collected 12,240 pints of milk for distribution to undernourished children overseas.

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